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Exterior Detailing

involves cleaning, and either restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car’s finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish), chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on a vehicle’s exterior. A wide array of detailing products and techniques are used, based on the vehicle’s surface type and condition, or the detailers or customers preference..

What We Do

Interior Detailing

It involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin. Vacuuming is standard, and upholstery stains may be removed using steam cleaning, liquid and foam chemicals, as well as brushes. Additionally, some nonporous surfaces may be polished.


the car after rinsed with fresh water. This is immediately followed by a series of extra services. A drying agent is typically applied at the end of the tunnel to assist in removing water from the vehicle’s surface before forced air drying. After the drying agent, there may be a “spot-free” rinse of soft water, that has been filtered of the salts normally present and sent through semi-permeable membranes to produce highly purified water that will not leave spots.

Full Body Service

typically take a Detailer around 3 hours to complete. Whether a brand new car or a used one, full servicing is an important part of car ownership that needs to be taken care of. Servicing is both a health check and routine maintenance of your car.

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